Mission Statement

Lapeer County Agricultural Society Mission Statement

Mission Statement for the Lapeer County Agricultural Society. Written and approved by the Board of Management in 1998.

The Lapeer County Agricultural Society will provide a facility, (The Eastern Michigan Fairgrounds) for the use of education, promotion, entertainment and understanding of people of all ages, all races, all creeds, religious institutions, civic organizations and generally the people of Lapeer County.

We also understand our role as the governing body of the Eastern Michigan Fairgrounds and all it entails. We provide an area for the agricultural community and all other avenues which make a solid foundation of a rural fair.

We also understand our role as a multi-event facility under the direction of it's Board of Management and within the philosophy of education, promotion and entertainment.

We also understand our role in the community and the county of Lapeer as being a good neighbor for the communities, the people and Society members.

We also understand our responsibility to keep the fairgrounds in financially and physically in good condition, using sound business practices and methods.

It is our responsibility to keep our youth foremost in our practices and decisions.

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