Park Policies

Legal Notice: Terms and Conditions for the Safety and Security of Guests

By entering the premises, you agree to adhere to the following terms and conditions, which are intended to ensure the safety and security of all individuals present:

  • 1. No Refunds / Rain Checks: Please be aware that refunds or rain checks will not be issued for any reason.

  • 2. Unauthorized Alcohol Consumption: It is strictly prohibited to consume alcohol without proper authorization.

  • 3. No Open Carry: Carrying firearms openly is not permitted within the premises.

  • 4. Unauthorized Solicitation: Any form of solicitation without prior authorization is strictly prohibited.

  • 5. Removal of Disorderly Persons: Any individuals engaging in disorderly conduct will be promptly escorted off the fairgrounds.

  • 6. Lost or Stolen Items: Please note that the Lapeer County Agricultural Society cannot be held responsible for any lost or stolen items.

  • 7. Photography and Likeness Release: Your admission to the premises constitutes your agreement to be photographed, video recorded, or otherwise recorded during the event. You also agree that your name and likeness may be displayed in connection with any news or promotional material without any compensation provided to you.

  • 8. Additionally, without express permission, individuals are not allowed to:
    • Sell, Give Away, or Distribute Merchandise: Unauthorized distribution or sale of any merchandise is strictly prohibited.
    • Post or Display Signs: Posting or displaying signs is not permitted without prior authorization.
    • Distribute Handbills or Advertising Material: Distributing handbills or any form of advertising material without proper permission is prohibited.
    • Making Solicitations of Any Nature: Any form of solicitation is not allowed within the fairgrounds unless authorized in advance.
    • Smoking or Vaping: Smoking or vaping is strictly prohibited, except in designated areas specifically assigned for such purposes.
    • Inspection of Packages and Carryalls: We reserve the right to inspect all packages, containers, or carryalls brought onto the premises.
    • Vehicle and Property Responsibility: The Lapeer County Agricultural Society assumes no responsibility for any damage to or loss of parked vehicles or personal property contained within parked vehicles.
    • Dress Code: Please note that individuals without shirts or shoes or wearing offensive clothing will not be granted admittance.
    • These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. By entering the premises, you acknowledge that you have read and understood these terms and agree to abide by them. Failure to comply with these terms may result in removal from the fairgrounds.