Outdoor Commercial Vendors

Outdoor Commercial Vendors (NON-FOOD VENDORS)

Outdoor Commercial Vendor Pricing

  • Red Zone 10x10 (Includes 2 passes per-day):  $600.00
  • Blue Zone 10x10 (Includes 2 passes per-day):  $400.00
  • Green Zone 10x20 (Includes 2 passes per-day):  $700.00
  • Tan Zone 10x10 (Includes 2 passes per-day):  $100.00
  • Purple Bulk Zone 10x10:  $200.00 (Min of Six Spots)
  • *Additional vendor day passes can be purchased for $8.00

    • Commercial vending space is limited and will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis, as deposits are received.
    • All products and displays are subject to management approval.
    • Please contact Fair Office for availability.

    You can download the Outdoor Commercial Vendor form DOWNLOAD FORM